Bob Kovacs - a writer, reporter, photographer and videographer based in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Finished articles and documents are more than just good writing - they are combinations of words and images, edited into coherent statements. Entertaining and informative, a good article reflects well on the publication or Web site in which it appears.

Bob Kovacs can write a news or feature article on just about any topic, but favors engineering, science, technology and travel. He has published more than 500 articles and more than 1,200 photos in various magazines and newspapers, and has a knack for clearly explaining complex subjects. Bob can also provide video news and feature coverage of events, as well as educational and entertainment videos - shot, narrated, edited and delivered in HD.

If you need an article on a news, science, technical or automotive topic, complete with publishable pictures, Bob can deliver ready-to-publish copy and photography, as well as complete video news and feature segments. The links below will take you to some samples of Bob's articles, photography and videos, a bio discussing his recent accomplishments, and a page with links to his most recent articles and Web postings.

Bob is the editor of Government Video magazine as well as the editor of an online journal called Broadcast Engineering Extra, so you can read his work in both magazines and on the web.





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