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Bob Kovacs

Bob Kovacs

I am a writer, videographer, photographer and filmmaker in the Washington, DC, area. I have published more than 500 articles in various magazines and newspapers, and more than 1,500 photos in the same publications. Very active on YouTube, I have uploaded more than 1,000 videos to various channels -- everything from short films to concert performances to wildlife videos to tutorials. I've done it all!

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It's important to me that my work -- whether it is writing, video or film -- be clean and clear. As a filmmaker, I've learned that it is relatively easy to get clean video, but it is much harder to get good audio. I go the extra distance to make the audio as clean as the video. And I know all aspects of a project, from writing to production to editing to rendering. Uploading to YouTube and managing YouTube channels is one of my specialties.

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Links to Bob's videos, Articles and projects

Video: Blossom Kite Festival

Blossom kite festival

This is my video on the 2016 Blossom Kite Festival, which is held annually in Washington, DC. I do a stand-up intro at the beginning, and I shot and edited the rest. This is in 4K.

Video: Big Yellow Taxi

celtic aire singing big yellow taxi

This is a two-camera shoot I did (in 4K!) of Celtic Aire singing "Big Yellow Taxi," Joni Mitchell's classic hit. Celtic Aire is an ensemble of the US Air Force Band.

Tutorial/How-To Video

Thumbnail for Mazda3 brake light switch tutorial video

I do a variety of tutorial and "how-to" videos, including this one showing how to replace the brake light switch in a 2014 Mazda3. Note the clear lighting, clean sound and crisp editing.

Writing: Production Switchers

Brian Groves uses a NewTek TriCaster TC1 switcher.

I write regularly for publications in the television industry, including this article on the state of production switchers in the broadcast industry.

Writing: The Zombie Apocalypse

eas system hacked - zombie apocalypse

One of my personal favorite articles was on a notorious hacking event in the television industry. Targeting the Emergency Alert System at a couple of TV stations, hackers triggered an on-screen announcement that there was an impending zombie apocalypse.

Writing: News and Features

AJ Katz and Monica Gil discuss Telemundo

At NAB Show 2019, Telemundo executive Monica Gil was interviewed by AJ Katz about the network's recent success. This was published in the NAB Show Daily newspaper.

More of Bob's videos and articles

Rendezvous: A short thriller film

Teaser for "Rendezvous," a short thriller film.

I recently completed work on "Rendezvous," a short thriller. I was the editor, co-producer and one of the cinematographers. This is the teaser.

Video: Soundbar Installation

lg soundbar installation with bob kovacs

I added an inexpensive soundbar below my TV and really improved the viewing experience. In this video, I show how to do it.

Video: Almost Spies

Thumbnail for Almost Spies

I'm the director of photography and editor for an on-line series called "Almost Spies." It's taking a while, but this is the teaser for the series.

Writing: BAS Relocation Complete

cindy hutter cavell - bas relocation

I was one of the engineers for the Sprint BAS Relocation project, and was honored to write about it for TV Technology magazine.

Writing: Intercoms at the Olympics

Winter olympics intercom graphic

Another of my personal favorite articles -- I enjoyed the way each of the three intercom manufacturers took credit for the Olympics.

Bonus: Bob sings a song!


I love novelty songs. Here, I sing a song called "Tattoo," which was written by Mike Rayburn.

Demo Reel

This is my demo reel, which shows the range of topics and shoots I do. From local news events to time-lapse sunsets to wildlife videos to concerts to office skits to film shorts, I've shot it all.

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